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May 2016

This picture is shown 6 meters big in Antwerp. Part of the exhibition City Grub.

Ever heard of the ‘Balense Reus’ (‘The Giant from Balen’)? Jeroen Garrousse has just swallowed his last bite and is desperately trying not to throw up. A Balense Reus is a giant hamburger (6 burgers, 2 slices of cheese, tomatoes, egg and fries). Whoever wolfs down the burger in the fastest time earns the title of Belgian Champion. The eating contest is organised by ‘Broodjeshoek’ (‘Sandwich Corner’), a local sandwich bar in Balen. The prize: a Harley Davidson Iron 833.Eating contests are a new phenomenon in Belgium. Whether they will attain the popularity they have acquired in the US, remains to be seen. But that surely didn’t stop Jeroen Garrousse from participating. Quite a performance for a man who was on a crash diet.